About Thinface

A research network and more

We are a network of 6 university partners, 1 research organization, 1 industry partner and 7 associated partners.

Established in September 2013 our main concern is to push forward new ideas and techniques within the field of hybrid thin films for new energy devices. The approach will focus on sustainable energy solutions and by this meeting one of our most challenging societal issues. To solve these challenges in a multi-disciplinary and intersectoral network gives outstanding possibilities for the young researchers involved.

In five distinct workpackages we will investigate the thin-film formation, optimize interfaces and the liefetime and stability of the devices. The researchers involved get training possibilities that meet the high standard of a Marie Curie Initial Training Network.

The webpage informs continuously about the ongoing progress. A newsletter will highlight the results. You can sign up on the bottom of the page.


May 23, 2017

PCAM / Thinface Workshop at Jagiellonian University Cracow

PCAM / Thinface Workshop in Cracow – Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science Advanced topics in physics and...
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May 21, 2017

Molybdenum-oxide hole transport layers for organic electronics

At SDU NanoSYD, University of Southern Denmark, reactive sputtering of Molybdenum oxide thin-films are conducted in order to develop metal-oxide...
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